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Taking global best practices and delivering them to help you and your teams increase knowledge and support you in building a better, more experienced, efficient and professional team that perform at a higher level! presents Training and certification for businesses. Training allows staff to learn new skills and techniques with built in testing. For those interested in certification, we are launching a number of modules to follow that can lead to certification of individuals and/or companies

These programs have been designed to allow you 'the user' to select how you want to have the content delivered: Online, Classroom or a combination of both.

Taking a course is easy - just select which ones you are looking for and start the process. Courses are either FREE or Paid for - this is clearly identified when you select the one(s) you are interested in.

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Our programs content cover video,audio,images for an easy to read and understandable content.

Training - Certificate

We offer training and certificate programs.

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We have partnered with BenchmarkPortal to offer the following courses/certification.

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Best Practice Conferences

Join the elite in the contact center industry at our highly rated and interactive conferences where you get to meet and network with the best in the industry, learn fantastic ideas in these best practice sharing events.

These industry leading conferences take place around the World. Hear from the Award winning contact center professionals who collectively share between 300-500 best practice tips.
Find out more about our events at


We have selected a few featured courses below!



Besides our extensive online courses, we offer flexible, cost-effective on site training for your business or organization. A full range of contact center, customer service and business programs including

  • Professional Telephone Skills
  • Train the Trainer
  • Sales Skills
  • Contact Center Management
  • How To Be An Effective Supervisor
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management
  • Applying For Contact Center Awards

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Get a certificate in Contact Center Best Practices

For professionals who are looking to take their career to another level ‘The Certificate in Contact Center Best Practices from the World’s largest contact center association shows your passion for knowledge and best practices. It’s a professional accreditation based on attending the world’s highest rated industry event where you will get to hear best practice ideas and meet the professionals who share them – they are all award winners and you will learn a lot of amazing ideas! - click here to access upcoming conferences

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