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COVID-19, Working From Home & Contact Center

With many companies facing challenges due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we invited some experts around the world to join us and share some ideas and opinions about working from home, the effects on contact centers, cloud technology and managing pandemics - join us for the  online conference event - we gathered 11 experts from around the World! Total duration 3.5 hours approx

Comments from those who attended the sessions:

"Yes, the event was very helpful and kept me engaged throughout the virtual conference"
"Each speaker brought value to this subject"
"More than met my expectations, it was great to see the good use of the technology"

"Great event, very responsive, timely and reassuring. Well done to you and the team Raj"
"My expectations were high as I have attended a few Contactcenterworld events this was no exception it was overall great"
"I had a chance to collect different experiences from different regions and their reactions."
"Yes it did meet my expectations It was very interesting and well put together. Well organised and the speakers were first class, the speakers seemed to be ideal to talk about the topic of the event."
"I would recommend this event, for all the reasons I have stated above regarding meeting my expectations."

Speakers include:

AGENDA – Session 1

• Vonage (UK) – Dave D’Arcy, Sr Dir International Care & Tech Support
• The Taylor Reach Group (Canada) – Colin Taylor, CEO
• IAG (Australia) – Tim Buzza, Workplace Innovation


AGENDA – Session 2

• Benchmark Portal (USA) – Bruce Belfiore, CEO
• Synergy Solutions (UK) – Olu Orugboh, CEO
• Cloud Call Center Search (USA) – Fred Stacey, CEO
• Serenova (USA) – John Lynch, CEO
• Altitude (Spain) – Eduardo Malpica, Chief Knowledge Officer

AGENDA – Session 3

• Noetica (UK) – Danny Singer, CEO
• Working Solutions (USA) – Kim Houlne, CEO
• 168 Solution (Indonesia) – Grace Heny, CEO
• Wrap and final comments – Raj Wadhwani, ContactCenterWorld
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Duration: 3 Hours 32 Minutes
PREMIUM $79.95
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