How to Deal with Gatekeepers

This is a program aimed at sales professionals who make cold calls to other businesses. It's a program dedicated to dealing with gatekeepers and includes some valuable tips that will help anyone!

Who this course / event is aimed at:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Front line

Course Contents:

Sales Skills - Gatekeepers - Duration: 12:16 Minutes. Practice TestPractice Test

This is a great module for anyone who has to make calls to get to decision makers! Gatekeepers can ope, or close doors and this module will help you understand better ways to get those doors open and to stay open. Proven techniques are explained and suggestions to help you get through even with tough gatekeepers!


Price: $14.95

Duration: 1 Hour

Type: Personal Training

Available: Online only

Case Study Required: No

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